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The Micron International Business Center is an office building located at a fenced and guarded site. 

It offers everything what a business person may need for quality and efficient operations:

- a restaurant, mini-market, cozy cafe;

- a 25-seat conference room, which can be used for corporate events, seminars, training sessions, negotiations with partners;

- an office of a large regional bank located on the first floor;

- supermarkets, a fitness center and pharmacies within a walking distance from the Business Center.

Architectural features

The building was built in 2003; it was designed by architect V.G. Kusenko.

The exterior walls of the building are made of brick covered with layers of high-quality expanded polystyrene insulation. The insulation solution selected for the walls helps to maintain favorable microclimate during any season: soothing coolness in summer and comfortable warmth in winter. In addition, the Business Center is equipped with a central supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning system, which adds comfort to the building.

The Micron International Business Center is located at a large site, which gives it additional advantages in comparison with other business centers located in the city center. The convenient 150-space surface parking is available to employees and guests of the Business Center. Executive managers of tenant companies can use a 30-car underground garage.

The Business Center boasts excellent location: Chelyuskintsev Street connects it with the north-western part of the city (Uralmash, Elmash, and Zheleznodorozhny Districts) as well as with the towns located along the Sibirsky Highway; Moskovskaya Street provides a convenient, traffic-jam-free access from the south part of the city, from the Chelyabinsky and Novomoskovsky Highways.

Technical solutions

The management company headquartered in the Business Center gives priority attention to timely maintenance of all the building systems and utilities, repair of the premises, prompt solution of any problems associated with operation of the office space. 

The Micron International Business Center has advanced engineering systems; its tenants can always rely on professional support from the maintenance personnel.

The Business Center is equipped with a three-stage water purification system. Tap water in the building is of drinking quality, which is proven by the respective certificates. Therefore, tenants of the Business Center do not need to order bottled water. Furthermore, cold water is heated in the new heat supply substation during the heating season; thus hot water in the Business Center is also of drinking quality.

The building has an uninterruptable power supply system, providing the second category of power supply reliability: In the event of power failure, electricity will be supplied by the standby generator unit. The operation of the power systems is strictly monitored.

Tenants do not need to worry about installation of telephone or Internet lines in their offices. The Micron International Business Center provides services of the digital private automatic branch exchange having the following functions: automatic call forwarding, call transfer, conference call, speed dialing and instant connection, receiving a second incoming call during a conversation, internal number assignment. Having its own server facilities, the Business Center renders services of the Internet provider. The management company has highly skilled IT-professionals, guaranteeing reliable maintenance and support in solving IT, commercial telephony, the Internet-related problems.


The Micron International Business Center is under 24-hour video surveillance and is guarded by professional security personnel; the access to the building is permitted only to the tenants and visitors to the companies that have their offices in the Business Center. The entrance to the building is equipped with an electronic access control system.

The office premises are equipped with fire alarm and public address systems; the building has fire sprinkler, smoke removal systems as well as air pressurization in the elevator shafts and stairways.

The highest level of safety is maintained both inside the building and in the underground garage. 

If you are interested in becoming our tenant, please, contact our Commercial Department:

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