Rental offer

Do you need a comfortable office in the city center? You can have it!

After you make up your mind to lease space in the Micron International Business Center, you will sign an agreement with the owner of the building, taking an advantage of a flexible pricing policy in setting of the rental rate, an opportunity to choose and furnish the leased space to meet your business needs, a prompt solution regarding technical equipment of your future office.

The floor space available for lease in the Micron Business Center ranges from 8 to 2,000 square meters. The available options include both office and all-purpose space: The basement is dry and heated, thus, tenants can use it as storage space, while leasing their office in the same building.

You can also contact the employees of the Commercial Department at the Micron Business Center to discuss options for leasing parking spaces for you and your clients.

The space is designed and finished to accommodate office usage. However, the interior layout and finishing of offices can be completed to suit the needs and preferences of the tenants. Some space in the Business Center can be used for multiple purposes. Tenants can use it not only for their offices, but also as retail space or for their show rooms.

The layout of the building gives a wide choice of solutions: Tenants can enjoy the flexibility of open space or conventionally partitioned offices. The 66 meter column spacing and absence of interior monolithic walls offer unlimited layout solutions. 

All the premises are equipped with power supply, firefighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems. The building utility systems are regularly tested to go through certification. The leasable space is 100% ready for operation.

The employees of the Commercial Department at the Micron International Business Center will be happy to answer any questions about office and parking space lease options.

Tel.: +7 (343) 3-775-775, mobile: +7 (912) 690-86-00.